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The aim is:

  1. to develop the child’s awareness of the importance of communication by encouraging practical use of a language that is different to their own,
  2. for the teacher to use gestures during song time and storytelling to help the child understand the meaning of the story and, through repetition, help them to learn new words by associating them with an image, a gesture or a sensory perception.
  3. During the learning process not only the cognitive aspect is essential, but also, and above all, the emotional and sensorial aspect: each child has their own favourite channel to gain experience and to learn. Language learning must pass through all the child’s types of intelligence, and all their senses, to activate the greatest number of areas in the brain and prepare them for learning.
  4. The child’s creativity must be constantly stimulated. Their approach to the English language becomes more and more natural, comprehension becomes easier and, gradually, so does production: from greetings at the beginning and at the end of the lesson to making requests and making their own contribution to the lesson.

The emphasis is put on play because this is vital for the intellectual development of children, because when a child plays it surprises itself and in doing so acquires new ways to interact with the outside world. During play children develop their intellectual, affective and relational potential.




Other language activities

As well as activities in English, Centro Studi Ad Maiora also offers regular meetings in Spanish “Jugamos en Español”, to introduce children to other languages that are phonetically closer to Italian, encouraging their curiosity and passion for the world of languages…

In general, these activities are organised in monthly meetings at the offices of Centro Studi Ad Maiora. Visit our website regularly to find up to date information about our meetings!

For primary school children, Centro Studi Ad Maiora organises:

“English & Fun” courses, where the child is accompanied on an exciting educational journey by a MOTHERTONGUE teacher, with experience in teaching the language to children. These courses tend to focus on strengthening the oral aspect, using songs, role-plays and group teaching activities, to develop what has been taught at school.