Centro Studi Ad Maiora offers interpreting services to meet all its clientele’s requirements. Centro Studi Ad Maiora performs interpreting for business meetings, fairs, business negotiations, assemblies, conferences and conventions.

The client can choose the service that best meets their needs, depending on the occasion:

Consecutive interpreting:

an interpreter remotely translates what is said by a speaker. This service is suitable for occasions such as business meetings, training, fairs, assemblies and business negotiations.

Simultaneous interpreting:

the service is performed by two interpreters who sit in a booth and use earphones and microphones to simultaneously translate what is said. This is an essential service for events such as meetings, conferences and conventions.

Whispering simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage):

this service is offered to just one person as the translation is whispered into the ear, for example, at the end of a convention when a foreign guest is asked questions by the audience.

Hostess and steward services at fairs and conventions:

where one or more foreign languages may be required, in addition to a presentable appearance.

  • Interpreting for conferences, conventions and corporate meetings
  • Telephone and video-conference interpreting


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September 24, 2019
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