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Choose the most suitable course for your level

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Why take an English course.

    1. English is the native language of more than 500 million people, while around one billion speak English as a second language…. but there are also plenty of other reasons!
    2. English is the lingua franca, the bridge language, that allows you to communicate with everyone…
    3. If you’re looking for a job abroad, or even in Italy… speaking English makes the difference
    4. You want to improve your employment status, but if you don’t speak English you’re stuck
    5. If you like travelling, when you speak English you are more independent, you aren’t afraid of not understanding or making yourself understood
    6. Most internet communication is in English .. and, what is more, a lot of technical information and specifications are only provided in English!
    7. In Northern Europe, where there is a high standard of living, everyone speaks English
      If you start speaking English as a child, everything is easier… give your child this gift.

    It’s not a difficult language, especially once you’ve got over the initial stages, but once you’ve reached a good level improving it becomes a challenge…

    And… last but not least

    Your child speaks better English than you… shame on you!

    You’ll be able to understand the lyrics of your favourite songs in English

    Native speakers will find your accent in English cute and charming…prepare for seduction!