Nowadays being able to effectively communicate in any language is a critical factor for the success of companies in every sector who wish to sell their products or services in the global marketplace.

Centro Studi Ad Maiora collaborates with a team of skilled translators who all specialise in their fields of expertise. What is more, the finished translation is completed with a thorough proofreading of the text.

The sectors we work in:

      • plant engineering – shipbuilding   
      • mechanical engineering
      • websites
      • fashion and cosmetics
      • medical and pharmaceutical
    • legal
    • economics – finance
    • marketing – advertising
    • tourism
    • food and wine industries


For a multinational or a company that makes exporting its core business, the translation of its technical material is key in gaining a leading spot in international marketplaces. On one hand the translated material will respect terminology and technical consistency, and on the other it will faithfully, and fluidly, reflect the original text.


Good technical knowledge is required to accurately translate manuals, catalogues, patents and tenders. The highly specialised company invests in highly reliable language services since they are key to international image and competitiveness.


A website is the company’s way of presenting itself, and is the starting point for developing business opportunities, that is why it is essential to invest in translations into the languages of those countries where it plans to expand. A multilingual site corresponds to exponential growth in sales opportunities.


In these sectors it is not only important to convey your message, but how that message is actually conveyed also matters. Brochures, leaflets, press releases and so on, must be written in a way that appeals to your audience, to give your product a significant communicative impact. The translator must be a native speaker of the language they translate into, and must have outstanding communication skills.


Medical translations require expertise in the sector, so it is essential that articles and other sources of information are translated by specialised translators. What is more, depending on the target, they can either contain highly specialised language, targeted to those in the sector, or be purely informative if aimed at a lay audience.


Particularly sensitive documents, such as contracts, proxies, notary deeds or certificates require the utmost attention to ensure they are translated accurately. In addition to translation, Centro Studi Ad Maiora also offers translation certification and legalisation services.


The highest standards of quality must be guaranteed when translating accounts, financial reports, analysis and budget reports and certification, while complying with new regulations and guaranteeing absolute confidentiality. In addition to translation, Centro Studi Ad Maiora also offers a service of translation certification (link to translation certification: Translation certification is a protocol that allows the translation to maintain the same legal value as the original) and legalisation (link to legalisation: Legalisation is a procedure whereby an official certifies the authenticity of a deed; this is necessary when transferring a document from one country to another).


The skill and linguistic sensitivity of our expert translators makes it possible for us to offer a wide range of translation services, strengthened by direct experience in the sector. Centro Studi Ad Maiora translates business press releases, presentations, brochures and leaflets and marketing media for corporate seminars, with the greatest skill and reliability.


Those hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, bars and restaurants that provide tourists with quality documentation in their own language offer a more complete service for their clients, making them stand out from the rest. For example, translating their site (link to site section) makes it possible for these businesses to be contacted more easily by users who often prefer carrying out a personal search of the internet when choosing where to spend their holidays.


Internationalisation is the future for the food and wine industries, especially regarding those countries where the GDP has increased strongly in recent years. It is important to identify the most effective message, based on the target market. Centro Studi Ad Maiora translates brochures, information packs, product sheets and manufacturing specifications, catalogues, labels and websites.


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