1. A study trip is the ideal conclusion to a course to learn or improve your knowledge of a foreign language. 5 points to help you understand how, thanks to a study trip, you can take that step you’ve been dreaming of and see for yourself how speaking another language has become second nature…. Whatever your age.



A study holiday lets you focus exclusively on the language, not only will you benefit from the lessons, but also from the surrounding environment, to take advantage of the whole full-immersion experience. At school you will meet new people, go out with them and enjoy the activities the staff recommend, from visiting local pubs (a pub crawl) to exploring the city or visiting a museum. If you choose a family-stay, breakfast times and especially dinner times, will give you the chance to chat to your host family and gain an insight into English-speaking culture, all valuable opportunities for improving the language.


  1. WHERE?

Our British Council accredited partners in Great Britain are:

St Giles UK:

in London for those who adore this exciting city; Brighton and Eastbourne for those who prefer a quieter town, by the sea

A true story


I was lucky enough to take a five week study holiday at the St. Giles school in Highgate, London, and I have to say that it gave my confidence in speaking English a great boost as well as allowing me to learn about and appreciate new cultures and new countries. I met kids from all over the world, from Korea to South America…. The school is well-organised with interesting courses and extra activities that give you the chance to make friends and develop relationships. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to enjoy this kind of experience.


IH Dublin: in Dublin, the welcoming capital of Ireland, just a short distance from the garden of Ireland

St Giles USA:

in New York, at the heart of Manhattan and in San Francisco, fascinating city in wonderful California

St Giles Canada:

Vancouver, one of the most beautiful and liveliest cities in the world


  1. HOW?

Centro Studi Ad Maiora handles all the organisation, helping you to complete the  documentation. It not only organises your course, but also your stay, which can be in a family, so you’ll have more opportunity to use the language, or in student accommodation or a hotel.


  1. WHEN?

To benefit fully from your trip, we recommend going when you have at least a basic knowledge of the English language.

If you intend to go alone the best time of the year from a didactic point of view is from September to June because classes are smaller, you will receive more attention and there will be fewer other Italians…




To be able to get a feel for the language, the ideal would be at least three weeks, but if you don’t have the time then two would be a good start!

Junior plan:

Every year Centro Studi Ad Maiora organises a study trip for high school and senior school pupils, with its trusted chaperones, and supported by a partner that specialises in study holidays.

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