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At Centro Studi Ad Maiora you can start to get to know a language or develop your knowledge of it by enrolling on the best course for you, with qualified teachers and modern technology, in a welcoming and stimulating environment.

How are our courses in mini-groups organised?

  • Standard length of our courses: 40 hours of lessons
  • Attendance: 1-2 times a week
  • Length of each lesson: 1.5 – 2 hours
  • members per class: max. 8 participants
  • Start of mini-group courses for private students: October to February every year
  • Start of individual language lessons: throughout the year, on request
  • Start of training courses for companies: throughout the year, on request


How do our courses work?

  • In our group courses the lessons are interactive: students work in pairs or small groups, using role-plays of everyday situations, using the vocabulary acquired while being guided by the clear instructions and constant support of their teacher.

Thanks to multimedia support the student is able to come into contact with the real language.


Do you also teach NON-EUROPEAN languages?

Bearing in mind the different requests we receive, and the goals to be achieved, in recent years Centro Studi Ad Maiora has decided to only hold specific courses, structured to meet specific requirements.

Our teachers of Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, have been living in Italy for many years and all have experience in teaching.

If you are interested, contact us and we can work out a study plan to suit your needs!


Depending on the starting level, the student is encouraged to improve their knowledge of the language.

At the lower levels the student works in parallel on the grammatical, lexical and communicative elements, to then concentrate on the communicative aspect at the higher levels.

The needs of the student are at the heart of the lesson so that the lesson is actually of use to the student, but it is the teacher that conducts the lesson. The method used is integrated, not just one method, but a mix of principles and stimuli from different standpoints of foreign language teaching and learning psychology.


Because nowadays languages are a pleasant necessity…

For adults, Centro Studi Ad Maiora organises:

  • Standard and specialist language courses, for individuals and companies,
  • Courses for individuals and mini-groups, held at our offices in Brescia or on the client’s premises,
  • English courses to prepare for PTE and LCCI Certifications,
  • On request: courses tailored to meet specific requirements.

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  • English courses

Spanish Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
SPABAS Spagnolo base a Brescia 40 ore di lezione - giorni: mar e gio - orario: 18.30-20.00 - Costo corso € 405 September 24, 2019